Help Desk

Help Desk features two sections – Chat and Canned responses.

Chat is an engagement that allows you to live chat with followers (one on one chat). By default, every channels’ chat is disabled. If you want to be able to send and receive messages from your followers, you will have to enable your chat (check the Chat types section to see how).

End users can access channel chat either through your channel page or through channel chat conversations.

You will be able to send the attachments and engagements through the chat, as well as received attachments from your followers (check the Attachments  and Engagements section).

Canned response is a tool which enables easier communication with end-users. Messages are pre-set which provides quick and effective responses to common questions with a simple click, depending on the topic in question.

Chat types

Chat can be two-way only. If you decide to enable chat, your followers will receive the ability to send you messages and communicate with your customer care agents, send you attachments, etc.

Enable live chat

You can enable chat on the Chat tab.

Notice: once you enable chat you might start receiving many messages from your followers, especially if you have recently sent them a notification about free products, discounts or promotions. Finish necessary preparations (e.g. who will be responsible for responding to the end users) before you open chat to your followers.

Chat statuses

Chats can be:

  • Active (customer care agent name displayed with blue colour stating active status)
  • Unanswered (waiting to be taken by any of the agents)
  • Finished (user received info and conversation has been closed by the shown customer care agent)

Send an Engagement

You can send engagements through your chat tab. Simply click on the  icon where you will be able to see all your engagements available for that specific user.

By default all engagements types are shown. By expanding the list, you can choose which type you want to send.

Available types are:

  • Message
  • Promo
  • Coupon
  • Sticker Pack
  • Ringtone
  • Wallpaper

After you click on the engagement type you desire (e.g. promo), all engagements of that type will be displayed.

After you click on the engagement, the following question will be displayed: “Are you sure you want to send this promo?”


Apart from text messages and engagements, chat also support sending Attachments.

As a Partner, you can send and receive three types of attachments:

  • Images – supported types are: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif 
  • Videos – supported types are: .mov, .m4v, or .mp4
  • Documents – supported types are: .odt, .ppt. .txt, .doc, .pdf  up to 10MB.

To send attachments enter the chat tab, search for the user to whom you wish to send an attachment to, or if you have previously chatted, enter the conversation. Click on the pin icon and choose the desired attachment.


Canned Responses

Canned response is a tool which enables easier communication with end-users. Messages are pre-set which provides quick and effective responses to common questions with a simple click, depending on the topic in question.

Canned responses contain two tabs for settings:

  1. Category
  2. Responses


In the Category tab, you will be able to create categories that can contain one or multiple responses.


Once you have created a category, click on the expand icon, where the ‘+ Add new response’ button will appear, alongside other created responses that belong to that category.

Every response features a title and a text input field.

One category can contain multiple responses.

Edit Canned Responses

To edit Category or Response, just click on the edit pen, or if you want to remove response/category, click on the icon.

How to communicate with your end-users

First, you must take unanswered conversation by sending your first message to the end user as shown below.

Once you take over a conversation, status changes to Active and your name is being shown as the owner of that conversation (visible to you and your customer care agents on web and partner admin apps).

You can take conversations from other customer care agents the same way you take unanswered conversation as described above.

While you are having chat conversation with your followers, you can preview their engagement history (see what coupons they have redeemed, if they earned points recently, received messages, etc.) and see available engagements for them (example: see if end user is entitled to a coupon and send it to the user).

You can also send an engagement through the chat tab.

Send an engagement that is available for the end user by clicking on the icon, next to the canned responses tab.

By entering into the Engagements tab, the list of all available types of engagements will be displayed, from where you can choose which type you wish to send to the end-user.

You can choose a particular type of engagements from the drop-down list.

Preview end-user engagement history (coupons, chatbots, etc.) by clicking on the icon next to the Finish conversation button at the top right-hand corner of that conversation. This is a history of engagements that the follower sees on his device. If there is no thread history yet, the proper screen will be displayed.

You can also preview followers recent history- which coupons did he redeemed, which promo did he viewed recently, etc, by clicking on  icon at the top right corner of the chat thread window. You can choose for which type of engagements you want to see recent activity.

Finish conversation

Customer care can at any time finish conversations with end users (once they have responded to all their questions) by clicking on the Finish conversation button on the top right corner of the chat thread window.

If the end user sends you back new message, a conversation will go back to the Unanswered status and will be there until you take and finish conversation as described in this chapter above.

Chat in unanswered status can be taken by any of the available clients even if in past you had a conversation with that end user and finished chat.

Disable chat

At any time, admin user with the right privilege can disable two-way chat by clicking on disable chat button at the top right corner.

Chat management

Once you have enabled chat, you will start receiving chat requests. Chats are always initiated by your followers. If you want, you can engage them by using different engagements (check next sections such as Message, Promo, Coupons, etc.)

Here you can find all chat conversation between your followers and your customer care agents.

On this screen you can:

1. See conversations and messages within them

2. Search Conversations

3. List of all finished chats that belong to me and other agents

4. Takeover unanswered conversations

5. Overtake active conversations from other agents

6. Go to basic chat analytics

7. Send an engagement

8. Send canned responses

9. Filter incoming messages to see:

  • My Chats
    • Shows all my active conversations


  • Unanswered chats
    • Shows a list of unanswered chats from which I can take new chats


  • Active chats
    • List of all active chats that belong to me and other agents


  • Finished conversations
  • List of all finished chats that belong to me and other agents
  • Takeover unanswered conversations
  • Overtake active conversations from other agents
  • Go to basic chat analytics

Basic chat analytics

Here you can find basic chat analytics in the past 24 hours. You can see how many chats have finished, what is the current number of active and answered chats. Also, you can see the average response time and average handling time of your chats in the past 24 hours.

Average response time shows what is the average time that your users had to wait until they are responded by your customer care agents. Average handling time shows what is the average time that your customer care agents talk to your users from the point of conversation with an end user started to the point conversation finished by your agents. For more detailed analytics that goes further than the last 24 hours visit ‘Analytics‘ section.